papiNet Announces New Build!

The members and sponsoring organizations of papiNetĀ® - the global electronic document standards initiative of the paper and forest products industry - are pleased to announce the posting of a new build for the...[more]


papiNet to celebrate 10th year Anniversary!

papiNet is proudly celebrating its 10 year anniversary in October, 2010! We have enjoyed tremendous acceptance of our standard within the Paper and Foreset Products Industry and we look forward to even more as companies...[more]

papiNet powered FWS Product Identifier data base developed in France

The eMOBOIS project, coordinated by FCBA, is utilizing papiNet eDocuments to facilitate a master data manager to centralize and share product identifiers and descriptions. The product database is made up of Forest Wood Supply product components. It is hosted on a web portal with the data exchange platform and is updated in real time on the basis of information contained in papiNet eDocuments. Indeed, this data manager retrieves sets of product component codes belonging to eMOBOIS agency and if there is a new set, assigns a new product identifier.

About FCBA
The technological institute FCBA (Forest, Cellulose, Wood construction, and furniture) is an industrial technical center and the tool of the whole French Forest, Wood, Paper and Furniture. www.fcba.fr

About eMOBOIS : http://emobois.fr/