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WoodX (Wood Products)

papiNet WoodX is an electronic transaction standard, which is open, free and easy to adopt, providing common benefits to supply chain partners. WoodX is a group of forest products companies focused on development and implementation of papiNet WoodX standard. Types of companies are wood products producers, customers and business partners.  WoodX is welcoming all partners to join the group, please contact us for further information.


Helpful Implementation Material

WoodX User Group Implementation Documentation

Here you can find current WoodX Group adoptation of the papiNet standard, designed specifically for this business area.

How to use WoodX standard?

These documents give general information about papiNet WoodX standard and inform on how to make the move towards e-business with the WoodX e-messages. To get more specific implementation instructions, please review the Implementation Package below.

This package contains Implementation Guides for the papiNet WoodX e-documents. Each e-document has an Implementation Guide (pdf-file) and Excel-file that contains more specific information of the elements used in the XML-schema of the e-document. If you have some ideas how to improve our standard and documentation, please contact us.

WoodX Implementation Tool Package 2010