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Trademark and Logo Policies

We are excited about our new logo and slogan. The papiNet ® powered concept not only is catchy but accurately reflects the importance that papiNet can play in your e-commerce initiatives.

While there is no cost required to use the logo there is a responsibility burden that is placed on the companies desiring to use this logo.The "papiNet ® Powered" logo is available for use by agreeing to the following:

  • Use of the logo does not, in any way, imply an endorsement for the product or service by papiNet ®
  • Use of the logo does not, in any way, imply a partnership or sponsorship with papiNet ®
  • Each company is required to participate in the Implementation Benchmark Survey.
  • On all printed materials it must state,
    "papiNet ® is a registered trademark of papiNet GIE."

The purpose of the "papiNet ® Powered" logo is to provide a vehicle for companies to promote their use of papiNet ® and to record the implementation impact that this use has.