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What you can get

papiNet makes integration easy

papiNet is focused on supporting your use of the standard by:

  • Documenting the standard
  • Documenting our implementation experiences
  • Providing a papiNet Implementation Guide
  • Collaboration with other standards bodies
  • Providing assistance in properly understanding and interpreting the papiNet standard
  • Supporting all business areas of the Forest and Paper industry
  • papiNet is not an electronic market place or a software!

papiNet simplifies the global supply chain

papiNet simplifies the supply chain

Have a look at our ROI spreadsheet to help quantify the benefits. The papiNet standard enables the following benefits:

  • Accurate data
  • Reduce transactional costs
  • Consistent information througout the supply chain
  • Interact between business partners in an uniform manner
  • Support for change reuests due to business needs
  • Simplify the process for dealing with multiple suppliers and customers through use of common business solutions
  • Reduced manual work, resulting in fewer entry errors and improved supplychain management (e.g. replenishment, VMI)
  • Real-time exchange of information and greater electronic information availability
  • Everyone can participate in e-business transactions, irrespective of company size or technical expertise.

papiNet is free to use!

papiNet is free to use!

The papiNet standard is an open standard that anyone can contribute to. It is also freeuse the standard in your environment.

  • papiNet puts great emphasis on the implementation of electronic business to business information exchange.
  • papiNet users benefit from well documented messages and an extensive field glossary.
  • To help understand how each message should be used there is a set of business rules, sample business scenarios, and example documents.

papiNet implementation support is available

papiNet implementation support is available.

Get involved with the particular Segment User Groups (SUG) that meets your needs. SUGs are an excellent source of information about the experiences of those companies that have all ready implemented the papiNet standard.

  • Links to papiNet SUGs are in the <link user-groups internal-link internal link in current>User Groups menu
  • <link benefits why-papinet-standard>Read more about the benefits of standards