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papiNet is a joint effort supported by papiNet Europe, a consortium of European paper and forest products companies, and papiNet NA, a group of North American paper and forest products companies, distributors, printers, and customers.

papiNet Europe

papiNet started as a project within the Publishing part of the paper industry. A number of major paper suppliers, large German publishers and printers worked together to create a common standard for electronic business transactions. Soon there was a requirement to develop supporting software for handling the transactions via the Internet. This work turned out so well, that it was decided to enlarge the pilot project to encompass other parts of the industry.

American Forest & Paper Association

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) is the national trade association in the United States of the forest, paper, and wood products industry. AF&PA members include manufacturers of over 80 percent of the paper, wood and forest products produced in the United States. AF&PA acts as the clearinghouse for statistical information, as the leading force in technical, regulatory and policy issues, and as the national voice for the forestry, wood, and paper industries. More information about the AF&PA can be found at

IDEAlliance was also a founding organization of papiNet NA. About 2019, IDEAlliance was integrated into Printing United Association. At that time, IDEAlliance/Printing United Association no longer are participants in the papNet organization.