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The responsible parties for papiNet consist the papiNet Exectutive Committee (PEC) , the Central Working Group (CWG), and the various market centric User Group (UG).

papiNet Executive Committee

The mission of PEC is to provide strategic direction and sets policy with regard to the strategic priorities of the papiNet organization, the papiNet standard, budget and allocation of resources. This is performed in close coordination with the governing council of papiNet Europe and papiNet NA.

papiNet Central Work Group

The Central Work Group is made up of participants that represent the geographic and market segment spectrum of the papiNet communities.

  • Responsible for standards development operating plan (updated regularly so it is at least six months ahead) for approval by PEC.
  • Responsible for development of standards according to the agreed upon standards review process including a public comment period.
  • Engages other market segments of the industry in standards work as appropriate

papiNet User Groups

The User Groups are made up of participants that represent the geographic and specific market segment within the paper, forest and bioproducts industry.

The UGs provide assistance implementing the standard, implementation groups within the business areas of the industry have been formed. Their mission is to agree upon the general business rules, processes and then a suggested implementation (a reference implementation that can be used as a template) of the standard that is applicable for the particular segment.