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How is the standard maintained?

papiNet Central Work Group is responsible for maintaining the standard. Change requests for improving the standard are coming from member companies of the User Groups and other companies implementing papiNet. The User Groups review change requests for their market segments and give recommendations to the Central Work Group. The Central Work Group harmonises change requests across User Groups and decides what to add to the standard.






What is the current version of papiNet?

The current version of the papiNet standard is V2.40 if using namespace and V2.31 if using non-namespace. The business content is the same for both V2.40 and V2.31. The current version can be downloaded from -> The Standard -> Download Current Version link. 

How is the standard documented?

There is documentation describing each papiNet e-Document. Definitions of all items in the papiNet standard are listed in a Data Dictionary.

Documentation can be downloaded from -> The Standard -> Download Current Version -> V2R31 non-namespaced version -> Documentation link.

The User Groups have documented use cases and business rules as well as other helpful material.   

User Group documentation can be downloaded from the User Group home pages on