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Trading Partner Agreement Template

papiNet is offering a Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) template for your use in developing your own TPA when beginning exchange of e-Documents between B2B partners.

We are providing this information to:

  • Avoid confusion and time spent on variations of agreements. But: no co-ordination of commercial terms and conditions due to antitrust legislation!
  • Help to have a consistent legal practice related to communications and a consistent definition of the parties' responsibility

It is important to understand that these agreements should be reviewed by your company prior to use to ensure that all the applicable items are included (or excluded) for your particular environment.

Sample Documents

A TPA defines how trading partners will interact at the transport, document exchange and business protocol layers. A TPA contains the general contract terms and conditions, participant roles (buyers, sellers), communication and security protocols and business processes, (valid actions, sequencing rules, etc.).

In the context of papiNet, the TPA thus defines a specific implementation of the papiNet standard between two parties by

  • Specifying procedures and expectations for operations
  • Specifying the technical framework for the implementation