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Development Process Overview


The development process follows the steps indicated above. Development work is only undertaken by the Central Working Group (CWG) after receiving approval from the papiNet Executive Committee (PEC) to do so, the MWG responds by forming a Task Group.

Liaison with Research Groups

The MWG also liaises with research groups, as appropriate. Research group work takes place outside the efforts of the CWG with feedback to the CWG being provided. Research groups can either be initiated by the PEC or by sufficient interest by at least one CWG participant. The restriction on Research Groups is that they must not interfere with the work of the MWG .

Business Process Group

This is a standing group in the MWG that manages the supply chain vision for the PEC. This vision provides a framework within which the messages are developed.

Message Development Process

The message development process is discussed in more detail on the following pages. The basics of the process are the formulation of a Task Group from CWG participants who develop the message through a process that is monitored by the CWG .

Industry Review Period

A key portion of the development process is the input received from the paper industry through the Main Working Group participants and from the paper industry through the industry review period. This process is normally a three month process after which the message is published as part of the papiNet standard.