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Group Charters


Central Work Group


The responsibilities for Main Work Group are from the ìpapiNet Operating Structureî (approved by PEC on October 31, 2001 ).

  • Responsible for standards development operating plan (updated regularly so it is at least six months ahead) for approval by the PEC.
  • Responsible for development of standards according to an agreed upon standards review process including a public comment period.
  • Engages other product segments of the industry in standards work as appropriate

Business Process Group

The charter of this group is to:

  • Develop industry acceptable business processes that demonstrate the ability of the papiNet standard to positively impact the paper industry.
  • Research business process requirements for communication to the papiNet Executive Committee.



Change Control Group


The charter of this group is to:


  • Coordinate the review of change requests received from the paper industry.
  • Form Research Groups to analyze the impact of changes.
  • Manage the introduction of change requests balancing the need for timely response and a stable platform.


Technical Group


The charter of this group is to:


  • Report on technologies that enhance the inter-operability of the papiNet standard.
  • Support Message Task Groupsí development of well-formed DTDs and Schema.
  • Establish guidelines for DTD and Schema structure.


(Message) Task Groups


Task Groups form, as required, to achieve the goal of developing the business process and XML schema for a given message. To date all of the Task Groups have been associated with the development of a particular message and for this reason they are referred to as Message Task Groups. Task Groups are formed of individuals who frequently attend Main Work Group meetings.



Research Groups


Research Groups form, as required, to research a particular subject. Research is usually performed on a message, business process, or market segment in order to support its progression to a Task Group. A papiNet recognized research group needs to have at least one representative from the Main Work Group involved.