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Participant Roles

Project Leader

  • Responsible for the overall project vision, planning, and execution
  • Coordinates among committees, work groups, and staff.
  • Reports to the PEC.
  • Manages consultants, marketing firms, outside vendors, legal matters in coordination with others.
  • Serves as liaison with software vendors, marketplaces, and industry standards organizations.

Technical Lead

Responsible for supporting the technical needs of Standards Development (Central Work Group).


Group Lead

The Group Lead has the primary responsibility for the Task Group deliverables. The Group Lead does not have to author the deliverables as other members of the project team should be willing to collaborate on their development.

The deliverables from Message Task Group fall into three categories:

  • Message Documentation
  • XML DTD or Schema
  • Glossary Enhancements

The Group Lead presents the status of the task group at MWG meetings. Usually between MWG meetings the Group Lead may call one or more teleconferences with the team members to review work, assign action items, and get feedback on the task.

Other Roles

Other roles on task groups generally require less time commitment, although it is important to remember that the success of a task group is directly related to a memberís ability to contribute time and effort.

In addition to preparing the deliverables indicated above a key role in the Task Group is to provide business process insight.