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Participation in the Development Process

Participation in the papiNet Development Process is limited to representatives from member organizations of either papiNet Europe, papiNet North America, or other geographic areas as may become participants in the papiNet process.

The chart above gives a general overview of the structure and communication networks that exist within the papiNet development process. The papiNet Executive Committee (PEC) directs the work that the Central Work Group (CWG) is focused on. The primary conduit for this direction is through the CWG Project Leader with support from the CWG Technical Lead. Context to this work is provided by dialogue between CWG participants and their company representatives in papiNet NA, papiNet Europe , their respective boards, and the PEC.

Generally line people from member organizations attend these meetings so it is not unusual for people to miss one or two meetings a year. (Meetings are scheduled every quarter or about 4 per year.) Continuity in an individualís involvement is important as the efforts of papiNet are deliverable focused.

We have members who take the following roles based on their interest level:

  • Lead Main Work Group projects
  • Attend CWG meetings and do work
  • Attend Task Group meetings and do work
  • Attend Research Group meetings and do work
  • Provide industry feedback, no attendance at meetings

The CWG is the source for resources to participate in the following Task or Standing Groups:

  • Business Process
  • Change Control
  • Inter-Operability
  • Message and Other Task Groups
  • Research Groups