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Time Line

  • The papiNet message development process spans a period of approximately 12 months with approximately half of the time being spent in development and the other half spent in internal and industry review. The message development process, as described earlier, is shown on the task named ìTask Group Initial Developmentî which extends from month one (M1) to month five (M5). Messages 2, 3, and 4 have the same implementation profile.
  • This graphic is somewhat misleading in that it seems to communicate that a period of six weeks of message‑development‑time is ìwastedî while the Business Process Review takes place. This is an unfortunate coincidence based on the fact that the Business Process Review and the Final Message Review are timed to end at the same time with the Business Process Review spanning two meetings (six weeks).
  • The message development cycle and the goal of papiNet to update the standard no more frequently than twice a year works well in that two groups of messages can reasonably be developed a year. The development plan indicated above will be adjusted to reflect the needs of industry.