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papiNet Communities

To provide assistance implementing the standard, implementation groups within the market segments of the industry have been formed. Their mission is to agree upon the general business rules, processes and then a suggested implementation (a reference implementation that can be used as a template) of the standard that is applicable for the particular segment.

Segment User Groups (SUGs)

The market segment message subset is meant to define message content that is universal amongst trading partners within the segment. Partners implementing should recognize, that there may be integration partners who may require parts of the standard that were not outlined in the SUG guidelines. Furthermore, there may be regional or regulatory specific components, that need to included or excluded from the subset. For this reason it is likely that these SUG guidelines may not be suitable for each trading partner relationship, as they are designed to be the content that is universal amongst trading partners in the segment. These market segment guidelines are important though, as they will capture the vast majority of trading partner relationship needs.


Since each of the market segment guidelines are built on the same papiNet standard, companies that participate in many of the industry's various market segments can implement the papiNet standard across many market segments. For example, a supplier company may receive a single purchase order transaction from a buying partner that may be for a paper product, a packaging board product and pulp.