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SDC launches papiNet® integrations for Forest Wood trade in Sweden

In September 2017, SDC successfully launched external integrations of Contracts, Delivery Instructions, Measuring Tickets and Invoice Specifications for the Forest Wood Supply chain using papiNet e-documents.  Customers of SDC can now benefit from modern XML formatted documents complying with the globally recognized papiNet standard that replaces legacy proprietary fixed-length formats.


The papiNet format enables SDC and its customers to update the integrations much easier and more frequently than with the earlier fixed-format format. The content is readable to the human eye and in tagged XML format, enabling the documents to be used in other ways than coded fixed-format files. Swedish pulp mills and sawmills can leverage  the papiNet standard for both inbound forest wood supply and outbound pulp and wood products.


Since the launch in September some 15 customers have already replaced the legacy integrations with papiNet e‑documents and by February 2018 all customers will have moved to papiNet. At that time, all Swedish forest companies, sawmills, pulp mills and biomass heating plants will use the papiNet standard for integrations concerning forest wood trade.


Approximately 500 Swedish plants – sawmills, pulp mills and biomass heating plants – and terminals are connected to SDC. The renewal of the external integrations is initiated by the move from a legacy system to a new standard platform for ERP, CRM and BI.


About SDC:

SDC provides and refines information between forest and industry through industry common IT-solutions. SDC is an economic association with some fifty members representing buyers and sellers of forest wood products in Sweden. Purchasing sawmills are affiliated through their own industry organizations