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Biometria extends papiNet formatted integration services

The Swedish IT company SDC in September 2017 expanded its integration service offering with a set of XML documents formatted in compliance with the papiNet standard. The services are offered to the parties within the Swedish forest wood supply industry. Since February 2018 most of these customers in the Swedish forest wood supply chain have adopted the papiNet integrations replacing the legacy SDC integrations with proprietary fixed file formats. In late December 2018 Biometria acquired SDC and has ever since continued to maintain and develop the papiNet formatted integrations with customers. In 2022 Biometria has sent around 20 million papiNet messages per month to its customers. These customers constitute almost 100% of the forest wood supply business in Sweden. There is an ongoing major Biometria project that in Q3 2024 will have replaced its legacy set of IT systems with the new system branded VIOL 3. The new system will, as requested by customers, support many more e-documents that are formatted according the papiNet standard and will totally skip old fixed file formatted integrations.