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LogForce creates million papiNet e-documents every month



LogForce™ is a software service for forestry related transport that is used to streamline the business for both the haulage contractor and the forestry company. Integrations between partners are enabled with the papiNet® standard. In Finland more than one million papiNet e-documents are distributed every month by the LogForce solution. The created papiNet documents DeliveryInstruction, DeliveryPlanning and InventoryStatus are sent between partners in the logistics chain for Forest Wood Products.




Today more than 50% of Finnish timber transports are supported by LogForce and the share is growing. Metsä Group and Stora Enso  are founding customers of the LogForce service, which is provided by FifthElement Oy.




About Fifth Element



Fifth Element is a technology solutions provider that specialises in developing software that focus on operational work processes in selected industries. Together with forestry clients Fifth Element has leveraged its advantage of mobile technology and location information to support the industry. The company's software services enable different stakeholders in customer companies to work in new ways that benefit everyone.”