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Germany has launched its ELDATsmart project

In December 2015 Germany has launched its domestic project for an efficient electronic data interchange in the forest and wood sector. The so called ELDATsmart project is mutually initiated by partners of the forest (Deutscher Forstwirtschaftsrat [DFWR]) and wood (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rohholzverbraucher [AGR]) sectors, technically supported and coordinated  by the KWF (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik), which is a member of the papiNet® FWS&B User Group since 2010. The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture gives financial contribution to back the effort.


ELDATsmart will be assessed continually by a special User Group during the development process to guarantee an easy handling in day-to-day business. This advancement of the former ELDAT Standard aims to fit primarily for small and medium sized forest owners. Furthermore there will be an application for significantly involved logistic partners. In technical realization of these requests ELDATsmart will progressively merge into the papiNet Standard by using papiNet e-documents. The project is drafted to be implemented by the end of 2017.


For further information about the KWF and ELDAT go to (German).